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Temporary design - this will make your home relevant in 10 years

Classic and elegant design style, rich textures and quality materials: this is how you will make your home "temporary", and make it relevant even in 10 years. Yes yes, you read that right. If you dream of a home that will serve you best for many years, be tastefully decorated and save you a big headache and spend money on further renovation in the near future - temporary design is the perfect solution for you.

So what are the most important rules you must follow in order to achieve the goal? lets start.


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Avoiding trends

The first and most important rule in home design is to avoid "trendy" designs. We know how tempting it is to use the latest craze in the design world, but we must not forget that a trend is a passing thing, and what is true today will not necessarily be true for you in a year or two. If the trend you have chosen is unusual and particularly noticeable, it may tire you faster than you think.

As architects and interior designers we always have in mind the thought of how to make the home, design and furniture in it be relevant for many years. Most of the time we recommend our customers to design the house in clean and quiet lines that are temporary, and to bring interest to the house our recommendation is to combine unique and fashionable items and elements that can be replaced even without renovation, which brings us to the next important rule.

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Use of quality materials and monochromatic colors

When planning the space base, it is worthwhile and important to use high-quality and durable materials, and in classic and monochromatic shades that will serve as a background and a temporary substrate that will suit any design style you choose. Great base colors that you will never get tired of and will be pleasing to the eye are white, gray, wood or concrete. If you still want to go wild, you can dress the house with accessories and textiles in bold shades that can be replaced easily and without crazy expenses.

Not sure what is considered the home base? We are of course talking about flooring, wall cladding, kitchen marble and more. These are materials that people do not tend to replace frequently, but only when they decide to make a massive renovation in the house, so it is worth investing in quality materials that will last for a long time.

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Use of unique textures

One of the rich textures that adds depth and makes every item in the house unique and interesting is carving in the carpentry. The grooves are made using a saw and you can determine what their width and spacing will be, until you get the desired texture and get a modern, refined and elegant design style that flows with the chosen design line. The textures are especially delicate and give a warm and pleasant feeling in the house.

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Temporary design in Basalt Architects

Over time we have created for ourselves a design language that can be seen in almost every project we take on. Of course in each house the language will be expressed in a slightly different way and in accordance with the wishes of our customers. If it is important to you that your home be tastefully decorated, in a modern style that is not cold and alienated, and in a temporary design that will serve you for many years, feel free to leave details in the form and we will make sure to match you with the perfect design style. This is of course after a thorough acquaintance, asking the right questions, and finding the exact solutions for you.

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