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Bazelet Architects is an architecture and interior design office that specializes in modern style. The firm was established and is managed by the architects Anouk Ron and Shira Dromi, who studied architecture at institutions of higher education, Bezalel and Tel Aviv University. After working in leading architecture firms, we opened "Bazelet Architects" together.


The firm aims to create exciting spaces - precise, intelligent, elegant, architectural and temporary, with the  modern language design.

Our believing self advocates a timeless design that adapts to the spirit of the time and fashion - "Fashion changes, style remains" Coco Chanel.

The firm's staff works together in cooperation, with us leading the projects, in order to tailor each client the most suitable and accurate space for him - functional and aesthetic. We are always thinking how to get out of the box and turn any ordinary place, into a stylish, elegant and unique space.


Over the years we have worked together, we have accumulated extensive experience in planning and designing dozens of diverse projects including luxury apartments, private homes, duplexes, penthouses, contractor apartments, commercial spaces and more.

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Co-architect & Designer | Shira Dromi 

B.Arch degree, Tel Aviv University. I graduated with honors and participated in the Azrieli Prize competition for outstanding final projects.

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Co-architect & Designer | Anouk Ron 

Bezalel B.Arch and Home Styling Certification, Shenkar. I graduated with honors.

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Interior decorator & personal assistant | Adi Martin Established and managed a home design business. Leading position in a well-known styling shop.

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 Designer | Diana Musikant Kalimian 

.B.Design The College of Management Academic Studies 

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