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I have to wholeheartedly recommend the stunning Shira and Anouk.
Beyond being talented, creative and having good taste, they are helpful, pleasant, attentive to the customer's needs and do everything so that the result is no less than perfect.
The process was super efficient and super focused, very not obvious.
Huge thanks. love you

Ran and Muriel Kimchi.


Shira and Anouk accompanied us in the complete renovation & design of our apartment. We came to them because the photos of their work were amazing and it was obvious that their taste was very fine, but from the very first acquaintance we fell in love - pleasant, courteous and always positive. In a stressful period of our renovation, they were the calming place - their work is orderly, professional, high-quality and precise. There is no detail that has not been checked. They managed the renovation well with the various professionals and suppliers, always leading the project forward. The accompaniment in the design was also excellent - the house was designed in a wonderful and accurate way, everything according to their advice. They have great tast! Everything came together and looks perfect.

We recommend the two with great love!!!

Pazit and Ori.

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Bazelet Architects designed for us and accompanied us in a thorough renovation of a private home.  

The first thing that stands out about Shira and Anouk is their grace and personal charm - always positive and optimistic, and always pleasant and smiling.  

A little later, when you start the first stages of the planning process and get to know them better, your creativity and talent are revealed. The planning process is first and foremost accompanied by research - they ask and are interested and want to know what is important to us - the customers. Then the sketches begin to arrive - original, creative and with a lot of thought about the small and important details.  

When you start in the execution phase, you discover how professional and caring Shira and Anouk are (caring for the profession and for us, the customers). They closely accompany the work of professionals, face challenges well and always think of a creative solution. There is no detail that has disappeared from their sight, there is no corner that is rounded, and there is no such thing as an "overlap." Everything must be perfect!

And even towards the end of the project, when it is "only" left to do styling and furnishing, they continue to accompany us, advise and go with us on shop tours, until we find the perfect items. Here too, it is important to them that we are satisfied and that we do not compromise, even if it means that we drag them for another visit to a carpet store (:

The fact that the renovation process was calm and even enjoyable is attributed, among other things, to the credit of Shira and Anouk. They managed to instill in us a sense that there is someone who is on hand, always available for questions and deliberations, and always takes care of our interest as customers.  

Bottom line - we were so pleased with the process and the result, that it is quite clear to us who we will turn to in the next renovation. warmly recommended!!!

Maya and David Hart,


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This year we had the privilege of working with Bazelet architects Shira Dromi and Anouk Ron on our first very extensive renovation project in Israel. We did our due diligence and met with many recommended architects / interior designers before signing with Bazelet. However, from our initial meeting to discuss our project, their warm hearted and genuine enthusiasm was palpable and their professionalism put us at ease. 
At every stage of our year long project Shira and Anouk offered us invaluable guidance and exhibited unwavering patience. We really appreciated their attention to detail in planning the layout of each floor and structuring all the electrical, plumbing, lighting, plans as well as supervising the contractor. Whether it was choosing tiles, redesigning the kitchen multiple times, designing dozens of bespoke joinery as well as iron work, they were always able to offer cost effective solutions and alternatives in all aspects of the project. 
We've already recommended them to friends and hope to be fortunate enough to work with them again in the future.

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Anouk and Shira take planning thinking that breaks out of the obvious, their work is thorough and professional and they accompany each and every step responsibly and meticulously as if it were a pavilion.

Beyond all pleasant to work with, to feel that someone is with you, in your head, caring, alongside maintaining the professional angle.




I bought the apartment I decided to take designers mainly to solve the space in the living room which was closed by a wall and a pillar. I did not imagine that I would finally get the apartment of my dreams! It started with Shira and Anok's first visit to the apartment A great connection was created between us, a connection that has continued throughout the work process to this day.

Throughout the process they thought of creative solutions, were available to solve any issue. Their willingness to maintain the budget framework I set without compromising on the quality and quality of the professionals who were partners in the process. They managed to produce for me an amazing, fun and laughable experience. When I was unsure and complete with decisions they were patient and helped me find and pinpoint what was right for me. When I was sure we would exceed the budget I received suggestions for creative solutions in my budget. There is no chance that without them I would have been able to design and manage a process of renovating the apartment.

I have no words to thank you for the amazing work you have done for me and most of all for the professional and exceptional accompaniment I have received. Highly recommend the architectural duo of Bazelet Architects, Shira and Anouk

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A few months ago we bought a new apartment. Not yet paved, not painted yet, no cabinets yet - everything for us to choose from. On the recommendation of our daughter, we turned to "Bazelet Architects" who will help us prepare the apartment for living. It was not clear to us what an interior designer does and how it will help us - and we discovered wonders!

The partnership of "Bazelet Architects" accompanied the process of preparing the apartment throughout  And all this in full cooperation with us; Their suggestions regarding colors and textures were very pleasant and very considerate of our taste. They also supervised the work of the contractor, carpenter and other professionals, thus saving us a lot of headaches and nerves.

Beyond their professionalism and creativity, we really enjoyed working with them - their pleasant demeanor, relaxed atmosphere, and respectful treatment of our desires made the process a positive experience, which led to entering an apartment that from the first moment felt like a warm home - our dream home.  And not only do we enjoy the home - our children and grandchildren also came and felt at home, emphasizing how pleasant and how much fun it is to be here.

Many, many thanks to "Bazelet Architects"!

Tali and Micha.


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We met Shira and Anouk from Basalt Architects through a warm recommendation from a company, and as soon as we met them we knew we had found our designers. Their attitude is so positive and enthusiastic, that they straight caught up with us as well. They absorbed our taste immediately and from the first moment we knew we were in good hands. They tailored a work plan for us that tailored Bull to our needs, and according to budget. The work process was professional, fun and extremely pleasant and flowed perfectly even though we drove them crazy quite a bit  :)
Everyone who comes to the apartment keeps talking about how perfect and special she is, and how appropriate it is to our style and character, all thanks to the charming Shira and Anouk.
Bottom line - highly recommend choosing Bazelet Architects.

Liran and Milen Hadia

Hod Hasharon

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Anouk and Shira accompanied us throughout the work process (renovation of a 3-room apartment in Tel Aviv), with tolerance, pleasantness, openness to our needs and desires. They even creatively solved a serious problem in one part of the apartment. They were available to us at all times,  Respond immediately to any request and give us a sense that we are in good hands.

We are very happy to work with you and wish you continued success.

The H. family.

Tel Aviv

תכנון ועיצוב מטבח רמת השרון
עיצוב פנים סלון רמת השרון

We would like to thank Bazelet Architects, Anouk Ron Architects and Shira Dromi for the close and quality accompaniment in the design of our apartment and redesign.

All along the way the architectural team proved 
* One of the highest planning and organization capabilities we have encountered
* Creativity and functional solutions to the various limitations in terrain conditions
* Good skill
* Existence of obligations
* Making decisions vigorously and decisively
* Personal and professional honesty
* Establish a reliable relationship between the various parties involved

The special home design and innovative ideas instill in us the pride and joy we have chosen correctly.

Highly recommend and wish success along the way!

Sivan and Ran Jordan

Ramat Hasharon

עיצוב פנים בריקים
עיצוב הסלון יפו

The smartest thing I did was to hire Shira and Anouk from Bazelet Architects before I bought my apartment in Jaffa. Without them  I would not have been able to design a stunning apartment. They are professional, talented and so pleasant that even in the tension of the renovations, they are nice.

I have an apartment that is a gem thanks to them.

I highly recommend them.

Nita Rieger


רצפה אריחים דמוי בטון
עיצוב דירה מודרנית פתח תקווה

When my husband and I approached the project of renovating our old home it was clear to us that the choice of auxiliary power should be first and foremost in people with patience, understanding, ambition and fine taste. Bazelet Architects meets all the criteria and even exceeds them and the process of renovating the house and its design, which usually also includes exhausting parts, went smoothly, quickly and in an excellent atmosphere. The house is built in a way that greatly limits the renovation and we encountered a lot of constraints in terms of construction, but that did not bother the basalt studio at all, and each obstacle had a creative and quick solution. The area of the house is small, but our entire list of dreams in the house came true thanks to Anouk and Shira. 
In conclusion it was lovely to work with fresh, creative and motivated women who did everything for us to finish the project satisfied.  

Noa and Yuval Golan

Petah Tikva

עיצוב ריהוט סלון מודרני
ריהוט מודרני הרצליה

It is my pleasure to endorse and back the ladies of  Anouk and Shira.
Both very professional and very accurate in their plans - ready to brain storm and always trying to make the client satisfied.
it was a great pleasure to work with them - their ideas have always been very innovative and backed up by professional builders, cabinet makers etc.
I am very proud to be able to endorse them and give them any backup they would need!
Their approach is really professional and friendly at the same time.


Eric Berman


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_DSC4818 copy.jpg

For anyone looking for professionalism, punctuality, keeping promises, meeting deadlines, wonderful design taste, ability to listen and provide solutions ... Basalt Studio is the firm of architects you are looking for. Shira and Anouk accompanied me on two projects. Clinic renovation and home renovation. I'm so glad I met them and I'm sure I'll meet them on more projects.

I highly recommend.

Yael Perter

Ramat Aviv

Must praise the work with Shira and Anouk. The close accompaniment, referrals to any questions, concerns, just the endless ventilation and of course the professionalism made the renovation experience fun and special. Of course I also contributed from everything the studio has to offer at this level: top professionals, reliability, efficiency, connections and most importantly a warm and caring personal attitude. Highly recommend!

Efrat Sanders

Ramat Gan

We arrived at Bazelet Studio on a recommendation  Of a mine that renovated its home in Jaffa. The connection with Shira and Anouk was quick, we started working hard on a comprehensive renovation of the apartment and within 4 months we had already booked a move. And most important of course is the result - we enjoy it every day anew and win endless compliments.


Neta Lahav and Nicole Willis

Ramat Gan

In this letter we would like to express our warm and sympathetic gratitude to you
Upon opening an application for an information file for the Tel Aviv Municipality in order to obtain a permit to build a balcony in a building with strict preservation, you did so in a very professional manner with a lot of willingness and a strong desire to obtain the permit for us to build the balcony.
You were very attentive in order to give us an answer and achieve the best for us and indeed you did it perfectly and to our satisfaction.
Thanks again and we wish you success along the way.

Sincerely, Ms. Sasson

Tel Aviv

After some deliberation we decided that it was right for us to change our house,  We built it about 40 years ago to suit the new lifestyle and it is expected in the next 40 years.

From the beginning we knew that the changes we would make would be made with the help of professionals and that we would not start the renovation until we had a meaningful idea of how it would end.

We got lucky and found two lovely architects. Shira Dromi and Anouk Ron. The two happily sent us to see from their works and chat with their past clients. The result of the inquiry was the signing of an agreement for the planning of the renovations and the beginning of serious, detailed planning work - full of inspiration and full of good experiences.

The basalt women competed gracefully,  With great humor and understanding of the budgetary constraints we set before them - but without sacrificing the vision and direction in which they believed.

Thus, within a few weeks, the planning arose and was  Up to the level of the small items - lighting, accessories - but also, of course for the big things - the demolition of partitions and the rebuilding of part of the house that has for some time become a construction site that seems endless.

As part of the time allotted for this, in a good spirit, without a sense of pressure or urgency, the renovation of our house progressed and the house changed its face - even those who did not know before would think that this is how it was born. The renovation is like a glove next door. Sew well and bring great happiness every day. We are definitely looking forward to the years ahead.

Of course, in 40 years, when we make the next renovation, we will be happy to enlist the services of Shira and Anouk.

We wrote the letter to these two lovely women but knowing that she might present the kind words to others. For those who are considering communicating with the basalt, we have nothing but to wish you a good, enjoyable experience, and most importantly - full of satisfaction while working and no less great joy at the end when the dream becomes a reality.

Good luck, Edna and Zohar Greenberg

Kfar Saba

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