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Personal carpentry, unique lighting and bold colors: this is how you will turn your bedroom into a place of creative and inspiring refuge

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house, and its proper planning can miraculously affect our mood, instill in us a new motivation every morning and make us feel in a pampering hotel, even when we are at home. It all depends on the atmosphere we produce and the elements we choose to incorporate into the design process. We have put together for you three surprising and creative elements that will upgrade your bedroom, and make your stay in it especially pleasant and pampering.

Smart and creative carpentry solutions

Smart and creative carpentry is usually planned and designed individually, in accordance with very precise requirements and in accordance with the design style and atmosphere we want to create in the space. In the project pictured it can be seen that the personal carpentry controls almost all the walls of the room. From the blue wardrobe, the library and the back of the bed, to the white closet that incorporates a secret door that leads to a designed bathroom.

Beyond the secret door, we decided to design a hidden niche on the right side of the closet. Inside the niche we placed the washing machine that access to it is from the bathroom only. This is of course one of the salient advantages of personal carpentry, which allows us to design particularly complex and creative storage solutions.

From a design point of view, carpentry softens and refines the atmosphere in the bedroom, is based on the use of high-quality and finished raw materials at a high level, and gives a warm and pleasant feeling in the space.



Another room in the house where we decided to make use of the personal carpentry, is the girl's room. Carpentry allows us to make the most of the room and produce many storage solutions that are easy to use. The stage on which the bed is located produces a separation in the room and includes a number of functions - drawers for storing bedding and objects, a wardrobe and shelves for placing books and decorative items. Beyond practicality, carpentry allows us to maintain continuity and a uniform line in the design of the room.



Unique and surprising lighting

In order to bring interest to the bedroom through lighting, we will not always be satisfied with recessed or wall-mounted lighting fixtures. We absolutely like to surprise from time to time and incorporate in the room decorative light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The hanging lighting comes in a variety of different models and lengths, serves as an elegant and unique design item, and highlights selected parts of the space.



Bold, striking and unconventional color

When you want to put some action into the bedroom, it is recommended to choose one bold, striking and unconventional shade and combine it with different elements in the room. The shade can be combined with carpentry, accessories and various textiles, and can also be used in other spaces in the house. In the bedroom it is important to combine it in the right dose to maintain a calm and pleasant atmosphere that is not too noisy.

Bazelet-15.4.19-3-new copy.jpg


Basalt Architects interior design

Our experience as architects and interior designers working together allows us to look at each project broadly, find unique solutions to the various challenges that stand in the way, and address all the smallest and most important details before and during the renovation.

Want to go through this process with us in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere full of good energies? Leave details in the form and we will arrange an initial introductory conversation that will allow us to understand what your needs are and whether the process is right for you.

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