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Smart and creative design solutions that will make you want to renovate  

A wardrobe door or a secret door leading to a pampering bathroom? Designed furniture or a creative separation between the living room and the kitchen? You will immediately be exposed to the creative and clever design ideas that will turn any ordinary home into a designed, surprising and different space from anything you have imagined.

So if your apartment also needs change and renovation, if you also feel that the house is too blocked and cluttered, or you have encountered a design challenge that you can not solve - stay with us, because in a moment you will find out what lies behind the most creative design solutions.

1. A cozy wardrobe or bathroom?


Photo: Shiran Carmel

In the bedroom in the picture we decided to create a particularly surprising element. On the face of it, there seems to be a completely normal wardrobe in the room, but in practice, this is a hidden door to a pampering bathroom. The closet adapts to the design style of the house and produces visual uniformity, but beyond that it brings interest to the space for the simple reason that no one expects to open it and discover a bathroom.

2. Smart carpentry unit at the entrance to the house


Photo: 181 degrees | Gideon Levin

In the penthouse in the picture we came across a support pillar right at the entrance to the house. The pillar blocked and closed the space, so we thought of a smart solution that would hide it from sight, and on the way we created a storage space at the entrance to the house. We covered the pillar by a closet designed with personal carpentry, and now on one side of the closet can be hung coats, and on the other side we have created a place to store services next to the dining area.

3. Separation between the living room and the rooms of the house using designed furniture

Bazelet-15.4.19-141-new2 copy.jpg

Photo: Shiran Carmel

When we entered the apartment for the first time, we were exposed to a massive wall in the living room with a supporting pillar in the center that could not be demolished. The wall significantly reduced the area of the apartment, so we decided to break it down partially and without unnecessary risks, and planned a creative, designed and useful solution: iron-integrated carpentry furniture that makes the living room fan and much brighter. We made sure that the sideboard was functional, and indeed products and accessories could be placed on its shelves on both sides. In addition, we found a stand that supports smart use, and hung the TV screen on top of it.

4. A kitchen island that includes a designed storage solution that faces the living room

Bazelet-19.5.19-22-new copy.jpg

Photo: Shiran Carmel

What do you do when the kitchen and living room are close? Design a design and functional solution. In the kitchen pictured we positioned the island between two supporting pillars that were in the house. In order to combine the kitchen with the side facing the living room, we designed a decorative niche made of veneer. On the niche you can place designed tools, books or any other item, and create an aesthetic and special look in the common space of the living room and kitchen.

As you can see, this is just a taste of the creative and smart solutions that can be produced at home. We at Basalt are here to address any design challenge that stands in the way, and enjoy finding a solution to every issue we encounter in the various projects we plan and design.

Are you planning to design your home soon and have encountered a complex challenge? Leave your details in the form and together we will find the perfect creative solution for you.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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