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How to make your stay at home in the days of Corona pleasant  

In "Corona Days" we are all already getting used to staying  In a house that in one bright day also became the office, the kindergarten, and more and more and while everything is mixed for us and we are all gathered in the closest place, this could be a great opportunity.  For a change. A change that can start with the little things that will make our time at home pleasant. In the next article we have collected for you some tips that will give you ideas for upgrading the four walls around us!

Refreshing ornaments and accessories

  You are tired of seeing the same books, urns, sculptures and more… Combine new items, there are lots of online stores that will be happy to deliver to your home. You can choose new urns and interesting decorative objects.  An interesting way to enter  The outside to the inside, especially these days that we have no option to go outside. Is by the purchase of flower pots  Small or large that make all the difference.

White Tableware




Do you miss grandchildren, children?  This is definitely a great opportunity to remember the amazing trip you had in Crete or Italy! Great time to upgrade your home with pictures.  You can easily develop family photos and think of an interesting way to create a cozy family wall. Recommended to place in a bedroom or hallway!

Travel Polaroids
Kids' Paintings

Painting a wall in a bold shade in the house


Sometimes you need to add some color! Choose a shade you like from a fan of colors and paint a central wall in the house or room.

The painting can be on the whole wall or just on parts of it. With masking tape you can create geometric shapes and combine several pleasant shades together!


Bazelet-15.4.19-104-new copy.jpg
Bazelet-23.6.19-135-new copy.jpg



Although it is not possible these days to physically access the store and choose, you can order lighting items online that will bring you light and a pleasant atmosphere to the house! Recommend thinking of a standing light fixture that plugs into a simple outlet and can be moved from place to place. This way you can control the degrees and types of light and create several types of atmosphere easily!

Bazelet-12.1.20-64new copy.jpg
Bazelet-12.1.20-77new copy.jpg



If you are a carpenter you can choose home rugs online. In the carpet stores you can buy a rug and get it up to the house for a trial of a few days, so you can see if you like the shades, size and style.

You will be amazed that even a small rug works wonders and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Bazelet-12.1.20-35new copy.jpg
Bazelet-12.1.20-63new copy.jpg


order and organization

Sometimes just order and organization make all the difference, it's time to sort and move on and profit. Arrange a small number of decorative objects in a spacious way and do not be afraid to leave space.

Bazelet-23.6.19-231-new1 copy.jpg
Bazelet-12.1.20-41new copy.jpg

So have a Happy holiday full of health and a quick return to routine!

The article was written by Basalt Architects, which gives lectures at Bezalel and the Israeli Construction Center.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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