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The steps you must not miss in the home renovation process

What does a renovation process involve, how do you choose a contractor, and how can you ensure that the project is carried out on time and without mistakes? If you are in the process of renovating, these questions are probably just a small part of the questions that are on your mind at the moment. There is no doubt that a renovation process involves quite a few steps and plans, but once the plans are built in a smart and correct way, the process will go through much faster than you think, and you will even be able to enjoy it.

So what are the steps you should not miss before and during renovations? We have compiled for you the six steps that will give you peace of mind from the beginning of the process until the moment you enter a designed and pampering home.

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First stage - an introductory meeting with the designer

Before starting a renovation process, it is important to carefully choose the interior designer who will accompany you through the process. Note that you have a good connection with the designer and that you connect to her design style, and remember that good communication is the basis for the process to go well and meet all your requirements and expectations. Feeling comfortable with the designer? Is there good chemistry? Connecting to the design style? Great, let's move on to the next step.  

Second stage - understanding your needs and desires

At this point you need to fill out an in-depth questionnaire designed to help us understand what your needs, desires and dreams are. The questionnaire will guide and help you pinpoint the various needs, so that the home will indeed provide an accurate answer to the biggest dreams and the small and everyday details that are important to you. Feel free to try to challenge us, and see how everything has a different creative idea and solution.



Third stage - preparation of sketches and illustrations

Once we have understood what your aspirations and desires are from home, you will receive from us a number of sketches that will present the division of spaces in the home in a different way. Once you have selected the desired sketch, we will create for you three-dimensional simulations of the living room and kitchen, so that you can feel the house already in the early stages of the process. Imaging allows us to examine different colors and materials, and their combination together, until we get the desired result that is realized in reality.

Fourth stage - building work plans and selecting the contractor

The work plan contains the exact actions to be performed in the home, from demolition and construction, to electricity, lighting, plumbing, flooring and more. We then prepare a bill of quantities that forms the basis for the pricing of the contractor's work, and allows you to receive orderly quotes from several contractors, compare the bids and decide which contractor you would like to move forward with. With the help of the bill of quantities you can know how much each part of the project costs, and if you want to make any change later, the amount will change according to the offer you received from the contractor in advance.


Fifth stage - development of carpentry details and rotation of stores

This is an integral part of the architectural and design planning of the house. At this stage we will make a detailed plan of all the carpentry details required for the house and we will make sure to find solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. In addition, we will walk around with you in selected stores in order to select all the elements needed for home design. Of course we will direct you to the stores and suppliers that suit you and the design style we chose at the beginning of the project.

Step Six - Real-time project monitoring

This stage is one of the most important stages in the process, because it is the one that will determine what the end result of the house will be. All the plans, sketches and moves we have built so far, bring us to a climax where the renovation is actually happening. At this stage we come to supervise the work in the field and are in constant telephone contact with the contractor and the various professionals.

Getting to the area allows us to make sure the contractor’s work is done according to the exact plans we have planned together, and also allows us to resolve issues that arise in real time so you can go to bed quietly and know there is someone making sure everything goes well.


Basalt Architects interior design
Our experience as architects and interior designers working together allows us to look at the project broadly, find unique solutions to each challenge that stands in the way, and address all the smallest and most important details before and during the renovation.

Want to go through this process with us in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere full of good energies? Leave details in the form and we will arrange an initial introductory call that will allow us

Understand what your needs are and whether the process is right for you.

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