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Out of the box: Modern design from a place you did not know

Familiar with this feeling that something special and great is about to happen? Every time we start a design process with a new family, this amazing feeling pops up and sweeps the family members along with us. This is exactly what happened in the "Modern Space" project - a special project of a family of four who purchased a new contractor's apartment in Ramat Gan.

If the family really was not satisfied with the basic design of the apartment, and dreamed of a house with a modern and elegant design that has design surprises that you do not see every day. We designed the project completely from scratch, broke down walls and designed unique and creative carpentry items and spaces. Get the modern design from a place you did not know:



Creative storage solutions that bring interest to the space

Who among us would not want to live in a house with plenty of storage space? But not just storage, but creative, practical and unique storage. Instead of placing dull walls in the house, we decided to design cabinets that bring interest to the space through personal carpentry. Already at the entrance to the apartment, furniture was designed that wraps around the front door and creates a special entrance to the house. Beyond that the furniture allows the family members to hang coats and put on old keys. In the part facing the kitchen the closet becomes a designed niche where you can place accessories and decorative items.



Also in the bedroom we decided to go for a similar concept. The blue cabinet brings a warm atmosphere to the room, and in the center is a library where special items and accessories can be placed. The white closet on the other hand breaks the warmth, and one of its doors leads to a fun and pampering bathroom. The “mysterious” move to the bathroom was very important to the client, and was designed as part of the design surprises she wanted to incorporate into her home.



Special custom carpentry

Another thing we emphasized in the process is the personal carpentry work. Custom carpentry is one of the main ways to create a unique and different design. As you will see in the picture, instead of using a massive wall that will separate the living room from the dining area and reduce the living room space significantly, we chose a designed and practical piece of furniture. The furniture creates a creative separation in the space and provides a solution for hanging the TV and hiding the various cables and wires. In terms of design, the furniture allows you to look from the living room to the dining area, and it can also be easily surrounded, which creates interest and flow in the space.



Elegant, modern and timeless design

The predominant colors in the apartment are black, white and wood. These are classic and monochromatic colors whose combination creates elegance and is especially suitable for the modern design style. The great advantage of monochromatic colors is that they are super-temporary and can stay with them for many years, without the need to make another massive renovation. If you want to add a unique color to the house, you can combine it with accessories that can be changed and changed more often, for those of you who like to vary.


Basalt Architects interior design

Designing modern and elegant homes is our specialty. As interior designers and architects working together, we bring to the table a significant advantage - more solutions, more ideas and maximum personal attention. Want to go through this process with us in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere full of good energies? Leave details in the form and we will arrange an initial introductory conversation that will allow us to understand what your needs are and whether the process is right for you.

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