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Modern kitchen design - 4 steps on the way to the perfect kitchen design

On the one hand it conveys luxury and elegance, but on the other hand it conveys simplicity and delicacy with perfect and perfect dosage. We are of course talking about modern kitchen design. The kitchen has a major and important part in the design process of the house because it must match the style chosen in the rest of the spaces, in order to maintain a uniform, homogeneous line and uncompromising elegance.

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So what are the 4 most important steps on the way to a modern, unique and innovative kitchen? We decided to give you a glimpse into our world, and share with you the process steps of modern kitchen design at Basalt Architects:

First stage - preparation of the preliminary plan

There is no such thing as a design process without building a preliminary plan. At the beginning of each project we meet with our clients to prepare the plan, and during the meeting we examine what it is

The desired and most appropriate style for what they want to convey; prestige? calm? courage? warmth?
Your will plays a very big part in the decision-making process, especially due to the fact that we also want to address certain needs that are important to you in terms of practicality and convenience. After the conversation there is clarity and understanding regarding the style and desired needs, and immediately after it is possible to start building the plan and making sketches according to the conclusions and decisions we reached during the session.

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Second stage - feel the kitchen through three-dimensional imaging

Once the desired sketch for the kitchen has been selected, from a number of possible sketches, we build a professional three-dimensional imaging. Imaging is the most perfect and accurate tool that allows us to sense the kitchen and control the end result of the home, long before the work is actually done, which can save a lot of heartache and unnecessary spending of money.
At this stage you can explore different alternatives of design, colors, shades and different materials that match the style chosen in the preparation stage. Of course, this allows you to make the best decision, which will suit the design style you have imagined in your head, and beyond that - make sure that the kitchen is indeed practical for you and comfortable for everyday use, depending on how often you will be in it.

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Third stage - receiving quotes from kitchen and carpentry companies

After selecting the desired visualization, we produce a detailed and accurate final plan, with which we approach leading kitchen and / or carpentry companies together with our customers, in order to receive a number of quotes. The detailed design allows us to make an accurate and smart price comparison, and helps our customers make the right and most cost-effective decision for them.

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Fourth stage - forward to work

The decision was made, and here we have reached the long-awaited renovation phase. At this point we come to oversee the work process, and make sure all the contractor work is done according to the plans set in advance. The most fun is to see how a kitchen that until a moment ago was computerized imaging, is becoming a real reality.

Modern and unique kitchen design at Basalt Architects

Designing modern style homes and kitchens is our specialty. As interior designers and architects working together, we bring to the table a significant advantage - more solutions, more ideas and maximum personal attention. We invite you to go through this amazing process with us, with ease, calmness and uncompromising professionalism. For more details on the unique design process that will meet all your expectations on the way to the perfect kitchen and home, leave details in the form and we will get back to you soon.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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