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Modernism in architectural planning and home design in Israel

There are many approaches to modern design in the world, with each in its own way giving a different interpretation to the term “modern”. In this article, we will present three different approaches to modern home design and examine how each approach is expressed in Israeli design:

One approach refers to clean architectural elements that are reflected in the planning and design of the house or in other words - minimalism . The style of minimalism refers to the abstraction and removal of ornaments in order to emphasize and emphasize the clean lines of the design. Minimalism is a design style loved by the Israeli public because it emphasizes functionality and practicality , when a customer asks us to design a house for him in this style, we make sure to express the ease of use, maintenance, cleanliness and also great attention to hidden storage that integrates with the design line.  

There are a number of elements that are important for us to take into account while planning, elements that maintain a minimalist look and allow for meticulous architectural design appropriate to the style. First we will take care of planning all the details in the house and connecting them visually. Once we make sure to connect all the elements harmoniously we will not get "noise in the eyes" the lines will connect to each other and all the design will look meticulous and accurate. It is important for the Israeli customer to create a clean overall look, a look that also emphasizes the truth of the material and color while maintaining a comfortable and practical function. Another element is the color. In designing a minimalist house, we make sure to use light and clean shades, white, light wood and more. Using these shades is suitable for the hot climate in the country and creates a feeling of coolness that is so lacking in the country that most months of the year are characterized by hot weather.

All the elements in the design advocate formal simplicity. We see that the Israeli customer wants the house to be designed in straight and geometric lines in this way. We make sure that the beauty is determined and created with the needs and function required in the house in mind - so that the aesthetics are a result of need and use.

A second approach refers to the term modernism and it draws inspiration from places in the world.

The Scandinavian design style is one of the most prominent in the styles of modernism, where planning and design for a modern home takes inspiration from nature and the cold climate. The background for design and planning will be light, the prominent shades in this style will be monochromatic on the gray, black and white scale and touches of wood. The white shades, combined with the warmth that the wood brings, are especially popular with Israeli audiences and customers, which is why this style has been widely adopted in recent years by various architects and interior designers.

In addition, we can see typical Scandinavian furniture details (ant chair, egg armchair, artichoke lamp  And more) Identified with local super designers (Arena Jacobsen, Paul Henningson and more) These furniture details take an integral part in home planning and design. The comfort and strength of the furniture is suitable for the Israeli audience which connects efficiently to practicality and functionality  Of this furniture.

Summarizing these two approaches it is said that modernism and minimalism came from Western Europe and from different countries like Scandinavia and took inspiration from the nature and cold climate of these regions. The background for the design is light, and uses shades of white, concrete and light wood. These shades and materials are suitable for Israelis who like to combine a warm look that the wood gives, along with functionality - white and clean shades, and modernity - which takes inspiration from the various building materials such as concrete.


At Basalt Architects, we adopt another approach in planning and designing a modern Israeli home, we call it "warm Israeli modernism ." We believe in designing the home base in modern and clean lines and in neutral shades, so that the basic materials such as flooring, cladding, kitchen materials and more, will be the basis on which our customers' personal belongings can be molded which in most cases are rich in color. We believe that architectural design should be used by our clients for years to come so we make sure to design their home base in neutral materials.

As part of the design we will make sure to combine elements of wood and thus give a warm look and feel. Another and no less important thing we will always take into account the elements, collections and variety of objects that our customers bring with them because we believe that every home should reflect the character of the people living in it.

We take care to plan and design homes according to the requirements of the Israeli public - to bring the warmth into the home with the help of large kitchens that are comfortable and fun to cook and host in them to create pleasant places to rest and gather family on Saturdays and holidays. Eye.

Part of our agenda is based on the idea that a modern home should be both innovative and advanced in terms of the systems it contains. That is why it is important for us to integrate smart systems for the home, starting with advanced smart electrical systems, water systems that know how to recycle gray water, elements and materials from the world of modern construction.

We have all the tools and knowledge to design homes in clean lines, and in a modern atmosphere.

In conclusion, modern home design gets a different expression for us when we plan for the Israeli customer in Israel. The light shades, the combination of wood, practicality and comfort, along with objects and collections that came from the Diaspora, all get a special expression in the appearance of the house at the end of the process. Throughout the process, we first address the needs of the Israeli client and translate them into a harmonious, modern plan that knows how to connect all the planning elements through architectural thought and vision.

So at the end of the day we design for our customers modern houses that are suitable for today, houses that are a modern Israeli pride.

The article was written by Basalt Architects, which gives lectures at Bezalel and the Israeli Construction Center.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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