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Modern home design -  A pleasant and light renovation process with Basalt Architects!

how fun! You have decided in good time to design and renovate the house, and finally fulfill the dream of a house in a modern, young and elegant design. Now you have a super important decision ahead of you - who will be the designer and architect who will accompany you through the amazing and challenging process, take you hand in hand and make sure that everything flows and functions smoothly and professionally along the way? 

Designing modern and timeless homes is our specialty. This is a process that requires a lot of care, professionalism and listening to small and large details alike, so it is very important that the professionals who are by your side be attentive to you and your needs. Of course there are other parameters that must be emphasized in the early stages, in order to make the right choice and make the renovation and design process pleasant and easy.

Here are some of the most important parameters that we recommend not to give up in any way, in order to make the experience good, positive and enjoyable.


Chemistry and connection with the designer

Designing modern homes and the renovation process in general is a very intensive process that requires daily communication with the designer you have chosen. When there is no chemistry the experience becomes difficult and complex, and can exhaust you very quickly. This is exactly why we at Basalt Architects never compromise on that. It is important to us that the customers who choose us feel a real connection to us. Once there is chemistry and once we connect to our lightness, it is much more comfortable to talk and share with us opinions and thoughts along the way, and eventually also reach the desired result.

matching expectations

As interior designers and architects who work together, we always take care to take the reins and coordinate expectations with every client who comes to us. From the very first meeting, we make sure that you get to know us in the best way possible, detail and explain exactly how the process works, and study you in depth in order to understand your exact needs and desires, and to weave to your personal taste.

Providing a solution to any problem

When there is mutual understanding on the part of both the designer and the client, it is possible to provide a solution to any problem that arises along the way. The vast experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years, combined with the deep observation we have of each client, allow us to go straight into the head of the person in front of us, understand what his needs are and address the various problems and concerns. Even when the couple does not agree with each other throughout the process, we know how to offer solutions that both parties will be happy with, which avoids unnecessary quarrels.

Designing modern homes in Basalt Architects


There is no reason that the process of designing and renovating a home should be accompanied by pain and anguish. On the contrary, it is a one-time experience whose result will accompany you for many years to come, and it is important that the memory that remains from the experience will also leave you in good taste. Of course the result is no less important, but do not compromise on the path itself because it is the one that will ultimately bring you to the result that is most accurate for you.

Designing modern homes is our specialty. We invite you to go through this amazing process with us, with ease, calmness and professionalism that will make you feel most comfortable with us, until you get the perfect result. For more details leave details in the form and we will get back to you soon.

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