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Modern-Israeli home design

The Israeli customer is very connected  To the term "modern." Already in our first meeting with a new client, one of the requests that arises is to plan and design an innovative and modern home for them. A house that will be beautiful and at the same time practical and comfortable to use. So what is a modern home and how is it expressed in the country? What are the hot elements today in modern home design in Israel? And how can we create a tastefully designed home that will still function and serve us in the best way for us? In this article, we have summarized for you the unique parameters of a modern and designed home.

First we will talk about the most important parameter, functionality and practicality - we believe that from there the whole house plan is derived. First of all, we will address the needs and desires of the customer in the planning. All of these will dictate to us what the house will look like. The main requirement of our customers in the country is "practicality" and in other words suitability and convenience of use for the customer.  We make sure to emphasize easy maintenance, convenience in cleaning as well as great attention to hidden storage that dictates and integrates with the design line. The choice of shades of the house is adapted to the spirit of the clean and rainbow style  The colors will be based on neutral shades of white, wood and gray in order to allow the combination of objects and other elements easily, even if the customer wants to exchange items in the future the base of the house knew to accept any style.

Another parameter is minimalism, most people in the Israeli audience like visual silence in the eyes and a lack of decorations when it comes to home design. Therefore, when we approach planning we are meticulous  Connect all the details and lines in the house visually. Once we make sure to connect all the elements harmoniously, the lines will connect to each other,  We will not get "noise in the eyes" and all planning will look meticulous and accurate.

In planning, the reference to the feeling of space in the home is also important. The average Israeli family hosts many times on weekends and holidays, so even in small homes we make sure to create a sense of space in all the guest rooms in order to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for the home. As part of the clean line  We take care to create many storage spaces that hide the mess and ones that allow for convenient maintenance. The storage spaces are an integral part of the design and we have given this part a lot of attention in order to utilize every nook and cranny in the house.

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the Israeli home. From experience and extensive work with Israeli customers, we have identified that there is a demand for creating an experience in the kitchen. The kitchen has long been perceived not only as a work and cooking space. There is a requirement that it be large, comfortable to use and that there be an area that knows how to serve the occupants of the house both for cooking purposes and also to be used as a meeting place. The island in the kitchen allows more space for the work surface and it contributes a lot to the atmosphere. A combination of advanced appliances such as induction and a "built-in" refrigerator also allow for easy and convenient maintenance and cleaning. Even at the level of cladding for the walls of the work surfaces there is significance and as long as large tiles such as marble or glass are chosen, the cleaning will be easy and simple.

Bazelet-21.2.19-37-new copy.jpg
Bazelet-21.2.19-135-new copy.jpg
Bazelet-21.2.19-52-new copy.jpg

The living room is also reflected in the design of a modern home. In the Israeli house the living room is  Usually the place where the family gathers and meets both on a daily basis and at special events, so we place great emphasis on its division, furniture and light.  For a living room where many hosts are chosen, designed and deep sofas that allow a lot of comfortable seating and we recommend additional seating solutions that are planned in advance as part of carpentry details planning. For this space, one impressive carpentry detail was chosen that will contain many storage spaces and will allow a convenient and practical display of ornaments, books, television and more. Due to the great importance of the person's feeling in the space, we will always prefer exposure to pleasant and indirect natural light in the living space, but if it is not possible to get enough natural light, we will design a clear lighting system that will compensate and provide a satisfactory response to light in the living room.

Advanced home electrical systems are an integral part of modern home design and planning. For example,  A smart electrical system that allows direct control from the mobile of all electrical products, including systems installed in the house, such as electric shutters, electric boilers, various heating systems and more. Today, economical LED bulbs are the best-selling on the market and can be installed recessed in plaster ceilings - which gives a clean, innovative look and optimally illuminates the rooms.

In conclusion, we see the house as a custom-designed machine for our customers. It must serve those who live in it fully and our job as architects is to make sure that all desires, needs and dreams enter the planning system. The result is that at the end of the day our customers will receive a practical, beautiful home adapted to today's technology.

The article was written by Basalt Architects, which gives lectures at Bezalel and the Israeli Construction Center.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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