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Luxury apartment design - the 3 elements for designing your dream apartment

Who among us does not dream of entering at the end of each day a pampering and prestigious home? A house that is designed exactly to the desired taste and style, and gives a feeling that we have entered straight into a design magazine. Designing luxury apartments is one of our favorite projects as interior designers and architects, and is based on precise planning and an emphasis on unique elements that are not seen every day. What are those elements and how can you also design your dream apartment? We have decided to reveal to you a small part of our secrets. Ready for it?

Thanks to the attention and double listening, our customers enjoy a living environment that is custom designed for them. We attach great importance to the unique requests, needs and dreams of each client so that at the end of the process our clients get a home tailored to their needs and dreams. The experience of our customers becomes pleasant and light thanks to the working methods we have developed, we know how to direct our customers to the route and the best way for them.

The whole design process becomes richer and full of creative, diverse and intelligent solutions tailored to each client. Also at the project execution stage we are there together to provide an answer and solutions to any issue that arises. Architectural training brings with it high-level planning and thinking abilities that take into account many factors throughout the planning and execution process.

Thanks to all this, our customers win projects that are planned and executed at a high level.

Designing Luxury Apartments - The Secrets You Must Know

There are three particularly important elements that we do not give up in any way when we start designing and planning a home in a luxurious style. Of course we tailor each of these elements to our clients individually, depending on the line and style to which they connect, with the aim of giving the best answer and ultimately reaching a result that will be far beyond what you imagined in your wildest dreams.

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Custom carpentry

The first element that guides us in the work process is custom carpentry. This is carpentry that is tailored to your personal needs, and it is made in accordance with the very precise requirements that we build together with you. This carpentry is based on the use of quality raw materials and high-level finishes. It is of course important that the style be clean and modern, which is very characteristic of the design of luxury apartments.

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No matter how much we invest in interior design, when there is no proper lighting it also has an effect on the end result. When we design luxury homes, we place emphasis on hidden LED lighting that illuminates work surfaces and cabinets, creating a unique and powerful effect that imparts visual richness. Beyond that, this lighting is particularly practical, adding another layer of light and creating a magical and romantic look.

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Home dressing and special shading solutions

The little things that make all the difference. If there is one must-have item that you must not give up on the way to creating a luxurious look it is a curtain. Yes yes, a small item with great significance. A curtain is an element that softens the space and gives it a classic and elegant look. Our recommendation is to use a white and slightly transparent fabric, and design the curtain so that it reaches to the floor in order to create the illusion of large and impressive walls. There is also the option of replacing the curtains with white shades that can give the same feeling.


Of course in the full process we incorporate other important elements, which ultimately fulfill the main purpose for which they came together - designing custom luxury apartments. As interior designers and architects working together, we bring to the table a significant advantage. We call it the "double advantage" - more solutions, more ideas and maximum personal attention.


For more details and matching the perfect design for you feel free to leave details in the form and we will get back to you soon.

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