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Innovations in the world of design for the new year 

Every new year we wish each other to regenerate in the body - maybe create change and ensure we are healthier. In the mind - to find a balance of calm and serenity in the load and intensity of the race of life and also to create innovation in our environment, at home, in the office and in general in the environment close to us.

For the new year, we have collected some refreshing innovations from the world of design and architecture that will give you a slight hint of next year's trends and innovations.



For years the kitchen has not been perceived as a place used for cooking only. The innovation and developments of the kitchen world are reflected in both the technical and the design aspect.

Technical developments like sophisticated fittings, durable surfaces and innovative finishing materials are entering our lives at a rapid pace and we can see that innovations are rushing to come and improve our lives. We have chosen to tell you about a novelty (relative…) that has entered the world of kitchens and is the laminam surfaces.  For more than a decade, the European-Italian company Laminam has been a leading company in everything related to kitchen worktops. The company offers a variety of solutions for different types of surfaces that function in the kitchen, such as: flat-installed sinks, side walls for the kitchen island, kitchen surfaces, wall coverings, surfaces for outdoor kitchens and more. The material made of porcelain granite is considered to be extremely resistant to scratches, stains and liquids, it can be placed on boiling pots or baking surfaces without fear and all of these come to us in a variety of textured shades and textures designed as only in Italy.

And allows easy, convenient and practical operation for cooking and baking enthusiasts. Here you can read about the surfaces of their kind



Kraft art also reaches the bathrooms, where today you can find a wide variety of designed tiles but our eye was actually caught on tiles that look like they were made by hand in a variety of textures, prints, competition  And reliefs. The language, taken mainly from the world of textiles, gives the tiles a delicate and unique look so that you can easily "sew" a different, refreshing and not too effortless look for the bathroom. On the website of the "Moody" company, you can read more about tiles in the atmosphere of kraft art


Home Automation

Smart electricity has long been an integral part of home design. The system's ability to offer the customer products in several degrees of complexity makes the whole issue of smart electricity more accessible even to people from whom the world of technology is far. By defining customer-tailored scenarios the system can be designed to suit each customer and his needs perfectly.

Here you can read more about smart electricity from Top Audio


May we all have a successful and happy year!

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