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Planning a small apartment: This is how you will use every inch to the maximum


This little one will be big: yes yes, even when it comes to a 50 sqm apartment it can be turned into a spacious and luxurious apartment and produce plenty of storage space.

We are pleased to present to you the new project that was recently born for him - a 50 sqm apartment that was completely renovated and belongs to a young and charming couple whose light spirit was completely felt throughout the process and allowed us to plan and design the apartment accordingly.

Even when it comes to a 50 sqm apartment, we have the ability to look at the apartment from a perspective and know how to utilize each and every part of the space to the maximum. Ready to go on a tour of the house and find out how we managed to meet the challenge?

Magical bedroom design with custom carpentry

This small bedroom is really not a fate. You will probably be happy to hear that there is a way to make the most of the room, plan plenty of storage space, and still enjoy a pampering space. In the bedroom in the picture we designed a unique closet that surrounds the bed and on its left side becomes a small work area with practical and comfortable drawers. The personal carpentry allowed us to take advantage of every corner of the room and solved the problem of the place for us.

In addition, instead of wasting space on bedside tables, we created small niches inside the wall that have a socket  USB for charging the mobile phone, a place to put a book that we feel like reading before bed and more.

Bazelet--31.1.21-52new copy.jpg
Bazelet--31.1.21-55new copy.jpg

Living room and kitchen design in one space

Usually in the design of small apartments, we will design the living room and kitchen in the same space in order to avoid reducing the apartment. Of course we will open our heads and activate our creativity, and think about how to produce a separation between the two. As you can see, personal carpentry is an integral part of the projects we plan and design. It allows us to design practical furniture that is tailored to the personal needs of the household members, and also adds color and interest to the space.

In the current project we have created an airy partition that allows views from the living room to the kitchen, serves as a hanger for the TV, a library for various accessories and more, and thus we have met all the design goals and needs of our customers.

Bazelet--31.1.21-19new1 copy.jpg
Bazelet--31.1.21-25new copy.jpg
Bazelet--31.1.21-33new copy.jpg

Designed bathroom

It was very important for the young couple to have two bathrooms in the house, despite the small space, so we found a solution for that as well. One of the bathrooms is located in the bedroom and allows the couple to maintain their privacy and personal space when guests come home. Of course there is a shower in the room and not a bath, because we did not want to take up unnecessary space in the house. Another advantage that the bathroom has in the bedroom, is that the couple feels in a fun, luxurious and comfortable suite.


Bazelet--31.1.21-64new copy.jpg


Basalt Architects interior design

Our experience as architects and interior designers working together allows us to look at each project broadly, find unique solutions to the various challenges that stand in the way, and address all the smallest and most important details before and during the renovation.

Want to go through this process with us in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere full of good energies? Leave details in the form and we will arrange an initial introductory conversation that will allow us to understand what your needs are and whether the process is right for you.

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