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Discount tips  Renovation costs

"End of act in thought first" There is no more correct sentence when it comes to planning a budget for the renovation process, the budget is one of the most influential factors in the atmosphere of the process. Even if the budget is high we at Basalt Architects always recommend our clients to have their hand on the pulse when it comes to budget. We recommend checking with the interior designer or architect you have chosen whether there will be an emphasis on working with them as well  Budget issue.

So how do we retain our customers? Is it possible to anticipate the amount of renovation expenses? And how can costs be reduced through proper planning?

All this and more in the next article.

At Basalt Architects, we have developed a unique process that allows our clients to maintain the budget framework and even if there is a deviation in the renovation budget, it will be minimal. At the end of planning the interior design and closing the work plans, we make sure to produce a document called a bill of quantities. The bill of quantities is a very detailed document that translates all the work plans we have produced into the clauses that the contractor must carry out in the renovation.

It enumerates a series of sections, in the order in which the work is carried out, from the number of walls to be demolished to the number of electrical outlets, lighting points and everything that is included in the contractor's field of work. The purpose of producing the bill of quantities is to examine the price of the contractor's work.

It is important to remember that his work is only part of the budget, and to this amount must be added all the additional purchases such as; Sanitary ware, payment for air conditioning suppliers windows and more.


After the production of the bill of quantities, a round of contractors can be performed. Thanks to the bill of quantities we can accurately understand and examine the scope of work and receive from the contractor a commitment to prices. In addition we make sure to collect all the quotes relevant to the process and after receiving a quote from a selected contractor we summarize all the expenses that are and the customer can decide if he meets the budget or gives up certain things and all before going out to perform to avoid a very big exception.

In addition throughout the planning process we make sure to lead and guide the client in his choices so that he meets the budget.

There are many choices that can affect the cost of the process for example; Choosing flooring or wall coverings in a small size, will increase the price, both the material itself and the pricing of the application and workmanship that will double its price relative to a large tile. Another great example is choosing window types. If a window with a Belgian profile is chosen, the price will be significantly higher compared to choosing a Belgian-like aluminum. Another significant factor that can affect the price of the renovation is the splitting of the renovation. Many times customers ask if it is worth splitting the renovation, for example; Start the work on one floor and only  At the end of the work on this floor start another part of the house. On the face of it it is simple but important to remember that a key contractor comes at the beginning of the process with a whole team of workers who carry out the renovation at once and in sync with each other, like plumbing and electricity. Therefore, if the contractor is required to stop and continue at another time, he is forced to bring the workers back, something that micromanages the entire renovation.

In conclusion, we at Basalt Architects believe that a professional architect and interior designer can give their mind and offer solutions that can make the renovation cheaper. Beyond that we see great importance in managing the process so that customers know where they are going. The cost of the renovation can be reduced, but it is equally important to know how to manage the budget and examine all the parameters that make it up to ensure a minimum deviation.

The article was written by Basalt Architects, which gives lectures at Bezalel and the Israeli Construction Center.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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