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How to reduce without compromising? How to turn a contractor's apartment into a boutique apartment? Re-planning for the move to a contractor's apartment 

At every stage of life we go through changes, internal changes of renewal growth and growth. These changes are made in order to adapt ourselves to where we live, to the period and also to the age. Our home is also going through these changes with us and it must adapt to every period in our lives.

During the adolescence phase when the children leave the house, the need for a house or a large apartment disappears. And the desire to shrink increases.

  Sometimes the house is too big, maintenance becomes a difficult and expensive task and again we are two looking for a place suitable for the new size of the family. The move to a compact apartment is requested and we are looking for a place that will suit our new needs and dreams.

But where do you start? We carry a lot of belongings and equipment with us and suddenly this reduction is very challenging, and this is where we come in. We know how to fit your home like a glove.  Know how to find the best and most designed solutions for storage and arrangement and division of the house so that it will be just right for you.

Just like in the Ein Kerem project where the customers are an older couple who made the change and purchased a penthouse apartment. Already at the entrance to the apartment you can be impressed by its impressive proportions and space. In addition from every window you can see a breathtaking view. We immediately realized that the landscape would be one of the main things we would address in the planning. The arrangement of the living room and long furniture from end to end makes it possible to store a lot of equipment and at the same time gives a stage and does not compete with the view.

Bazelet-21.2.19-22-new copy.jpg

The demand and treatment was both aesthetic and practical. In terms of design we used pleasant and natural colors and materials like white and wood. And from a practical point of view, we made sure that each detail had its own unique use that suited the family. Like the hospitality area and more.

The customers host a lot of their children and grandchildren so it was thought to make a connection between the kitchen and the dining area using the materials and colors of the carpentry and kitchen.

Bazelet-21.2.19-33-new copy.jpg
Bazelet-21.2.19-62-new1 copy.jpg


In the grandchildren's room we focused on one wall, on which we designed a large and impressive piece of furniture in the lower part of which there is a place for closed storage for toys, play games and more and in the upper part books. Customers have an impressive amount of books.

Bazelet-21.2.19-146-new copy.jpg


In conclusion, moving house and a fresh start can be a pleasant, fun and exciting experience, we will be happy to accompany you together to your dream home! And join you in our customer community.

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