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How to choose an architect for planning and home design?

Thinking of renovating, know what your style is, but where do you start?

How do you choose suppliers for renovation, do you start by choosing contractors, a construction supervisor or a designer? How will you know who is right for you? It is important to understand that the renovation is a project and projects must be managed.

Therefore, first of all, it is advisable to choose the director of the project,  In the case of renovation this is the architect.

A good architect knows how to manage the project on all levels. And at Basalt Architects you will get two principals!

So what are the criteria by which to test your architect? We have collected for you a number of important highlights that we recommend that you check before you set out and choose a designer:

1. Certification - Check the architect's certification. Just as you did not entrust your health into the hands of a person who claims to be a doctor without references, there is no reason for you to entrust your time and the best of your money to a person who does not have a certification in the field. Check which institution he studied at and what his seniority is in the field of design and planning.

2. Years of experience and resume - check the resume and experience, today you can be impressed by any profession through a professional website, check the number of projects and what the years of experience are. This way you will understand if you are connected to the design style of that designer.

3. Internship - Ask what the field of specialization is, also in the field of architecture and design there are various specializations, planning and renovation of apartments and residences, designing luxury apartments, planning restaurants and cafes, offices and more ... Look for a person with experience in the relevant field.

4. Recommendations - "No one is as smart as someone with experience" ... Ask to talk to past customers, do not hesitate to ask to talk to customers who have gone through the process you are about to go through. most people  Will be happy to share their personal experience. You can ask all the questions related to the work process such as:  The availability of the architect, whether he was attentive to your requests, whether he suggested creative solutions or any question that is important for you to clarify for yourself so that you can make the best decision. 

5. Sample apartment - Ask to take a tour of one of the designer's or architect's projects. This way you will be best impressed by the quality of the work and the style.

In this class you will be able to ask the architect what was behind the design and understand in depth his way of thinking.

Thanks to the attention and double listening, our customers enjoy a living environment that is custom designed for them. We attach great importance to the unique requests, needs and dreams of each client so that at the end of the process our clients get a home tailored to their needs and dreams. The experience of our customers becomes pleasant and light thanks to the working methods we have developed, we know how to direct our customers to the route and the best way for them.

The whole design process becomes richer and full of creative, diverse and intelligent solutions tailored to each client. Also at the project execution stage we are there together to provide an answer and solutions to any issue that arises. Architectural training brings with it high-level planning and thinking abilities that take into account many factors throughout the planning and execution process. Thanks to all this, our customers win projects that are planned and executed at a high level.

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