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The process of building a private home in Israel

Building a private home is a complex and lengthy process. The understanding and recognition of the laws and approvals required for the establishment of a private home deters many people, but choosing the right professionals to accompany you throughout the process, will make it significantly easier for you in everything related to the planning process, permit issuance and construction. We have summarized for you the important steps that you need to know before you decide to start the process.

Choosing an architect

It is recommended to choose an architect who specializes in the design of private homes and one who knows how to combine the design with the interior design of the house. Another thing that can benefit the construction and planning process is that the architect will have experience in your area, the Sharon area: Hod Hasharon, Raanana, Herzliya, Kfar Saba, etc. Because it is a relationship  Long, it is important to choose an architect with whom you have good chemistry and communication. The architect is the conductor of the orchestra, besides the planning he will be your contact all the way.

Certified surveyor services  To prepare a measurement map

The first step in the process is to hire the services of a certified surveyor to prepare a measurement map - a map of the existing situation in the field. The surveyor will visit the area and prepare a map marking the boundaries of the lot, building lines, neighboring buildings, heights and other important information for planning. This map is the basis for the location of the house in the area, infrastructure planning and development, and the basis for submitting the application for a building permit.


Issuing an application for an information file

The information file contains all the planning information regarding the building rights on the lot. Receipt of the information file involves the payment of a fee and the submission of the measurement map made by the surveyor. The application for the information file is currently made by us  Through online licensing because this application can only be opened by a qualified professional: an architect, an engineer. The information file is received several months after the application is opened (approximately 45 working days)  And we are in touch with the various parties to complete all the required documents by the end of the process. At the end of the process we receive all the instructions that apply to the pitch and can understand what the various restrictions are and plan accordingly.

Formulation of a program

Until we receive the information file, we meet with the customers and together we begin to formulate a program - a document that details all the needs, desires and dreams of the customer. The program includes  Guidelines regarding the design and use of the building, such as the details of the types of spaces, their purpose, the division of the building into floors and levels, the construction method and the design style. The program guides us in formulating the planning options that are accessible to the customer. We consider this phase very important because it is important for us to create a home that is precisely tailored to our customers, so we are devoting a significant amount of time to this phase in the entire planning and design of the home.

Preparation of planning alternatives

At the beginning of this process we are  Edits several sketches in two and three dimensions. We formulate the sketches after analyzing the building rights from the building file, examining the topographic map and referring to the program. We see great importance in the directions of the air and according to this we will place the house or at least the types of spaces so that each space enjoys light and a proper flow of air. At this point we are referring to the existing data in the plot, topography, existing trees and neighboring buildings and more. We believe that the house does not stand on its own and it is important to us that the house knows how to connect to its environment. At the alternative design stage we present to clients  The scale of the house, the internal division into spaces, the various options for general finishing materials outside the building and more. It is customary to hold several meetings in order to converge on a final sketch that includes the external appearance and internal division of the house. The final sketch will be processed into final plans in 1: 100 cm - including facades and sections. Already at this stage we are taking care  Make initial coordination with the consultants - constructor, electrical consultant, plumbing, air conditioning and more.

Building permit

We prepare the building permit and submit it to the local planning and construction committee. The permit application includes the following details: use of the building and construction materials, application for relief, calculation of construction percentages  And construction areas, placing the structure on the lot, area development plan, plans of each level and plan roofs, sections, facades. The signing of the permit by the local council involves the payment of construction fees. The permit is accompanied by a sanitary appendix, a certificate from the Home Front Inspectorate of the Security Service,  And static calculation of an engineer that we coordinate from all the professionals involved.

work plans

While waiting for the committee to approve the building permit we begin the process of planning work plans. The detailed design includes details of all the planning including the interior design of the villa  And it also has a reference of the final coordination with the consultants including all the construction documents required to execute: ground floor plans, ceiling plans, roof plan, and any other plan as needed. In addition already at this stage we take care to give all the detailed lists and building details: list Building carpentry, aluminum list, frame list, determination of finishing materials including flooring and cladding, building details as needed, details of ceiling lowering for MA and lighting, details of niches in the wall and more.

Choosing a contractor

We recommend meeting with a number of contractors in order to get quotes, review previous jobs and satisfied customers and see that this is a person you are comfortable talking to, again this is a significant factor along the way.  In addition, choose only a registered contractor or a contracting company that will have one central factor that is responsible in front of you for the entire construction process. Please note that a contractor who gives a significantly lower price offer - the difference may come at your financial expense and at the expense of your peace of mind.  And repairs can be expensive and tiring. Ask the contractor to commit to work schedules and make the final payment at the end of the work. Be involved in the construction process and understand what the professionals are doing. We make sure to take our customers on a preliminary tour where you can see all the various construction components including construction systems, walls, electrical systems, plumbing and more in order to connect our customers to the process and give them a sense of security and basic recognition of construction components.

We believe that customers must be significantly involved in the process because the fruitful collaboration can only benefit and help the process exist in the best way.

Supervision of construction work

From the beginning of the work we perform  Supervision, supervision done from time to time, as opposed to a construction supervisor who performs close supervision on an almost daily basis. We recommend taking a construction inspector to make sure that the construction is done according to standards and plans. The inspector will be on site every day to verify the quality of the work, he will be the man who takes care of your interests and makes sure everything is done as planned.


After the construction is completed, the permit holder will submit Form 4 - a request to connect a building suitable for use for electricity, water and telephone . The committee engineer will approve the application form, declare that he has inspected the structure and is fit for use, detail the works to be completed, if any, and sign the application form.

Undoubtedly a long and not simple process. But remember that it all depends on choosing quality and reliable professionals who will do the job for you in the best way. In the end you are building the house of your dreams and the road should be fun and pleasant too!

The article was written by Basalt Architects, which gives lectures at Bezalel and the Israeli Construction Center.

(This article is a recommendation only and does not replace the full advice of all relevant professionals)

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