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Modern house in black and white: how to make the apartment luxurious, elegant and refined?

A modern house in black and white: this is the nickname given to the amazing project in Tel Aviv that we recently finished designing. A luxury home that has been carefully planned and engineered for a particularly brave and daring businessman who has chosen to go for a uniform line consisting of two main colors - black and white. The house you will immediately be exposed to is actually a crazy 200 sqm penthouse. The project started from designing an apartment for investment purposes, and in the middle of the process became a personal project for the client who gave us a free hand and allowed us to design the apartment in a modern and elegant style. Let's start!

Where did the inspiration for the penthouse design come from?

Not many people come to us with an idea and direction for home design, but in this case our client knew very well where he was aiming and the inspiration for designing the apartment came from him. Already in the first meeting he revealed to us the desire for a house with tiles in black and white, or by their obvious name - checkers flooring. We realized that we were "dealing" here with a bold man who likes to get out of the box, and it was clear to us that we would go with his personal will.
We introduced the project to the design touch and the unique language of basalt, which made the apartment elegant and luxurious, while adapting to the client's character. The elegant and refined design is reflected in the marble-like tiles with asymmetrical stripes in a very carefully designed black color, and they are actually the ones that guided us in the design of the whole house.

DSC_3136 copy.jpg


Living room designed with custom carpentry

Custom carpentry tailored to the individual needs of each and every customer, using quality raw materials and high-level finishes. We adapted a particularly long sideboard for the living room from one end of the window to the other, and the sideboard was designed for the client in a personal carpentry according to the general concept of the house.
In addition, we accompanied our client in the purchase of home furniture, and in order to maintain the elegant look, comfortable and high-quality beige leather sofas were chosen. After choosing the sofas, we adjusted the color of the large library in the living room, which was also designed with personal carpentry, and in the middle we left a space for hanging pictures.

DSC_3152 copy.jpg
DSC_3208 copy.jpg
DSC_3148 copy.jpg

Creative storage solution at the entrance to the house

At the entrance to the house there was a large and wide supporting pillar that blocked the space. Because the pillar could not be destroyed, we found a creative solution that would hide it from sight, and on the way we created storage space for services next to the dining area. In the closet there is also a place to hang coats on the side facing the entrance to the house - an effective, accessible and convenient solution for the cold winter days.

DSC_3187 copy.jpg
DSC_3161 copy.jpg

A study lit by natural light

The businessman for whom we designed the apartment sometimes works from home, so it was important for us to create a cozy and comfortable study for him. We chose to produce a separation from the living room using glass

Grooved and opaque, which allows privacy in the study, creates interest and allows natural light to enter from the living room directly into the room.

DSC_3175 copy.jpg
DSC_3210 copy.jpg


Practical and modern kitchen combined with a seating counter

As befits a man's apartment, we chose a practical kitchen in a relatively small space. In the kitchen we combined white Carrera-like marble with touches of gray, and at some point the marble becomes a seating area with bar stools. At the counter you can enjoy meals and use it as a work surface. At the request of the customer, we broke the shades of black and white in the kitchen area, and combined light storage solutions in a light shade.

DSC_3204 copy.jpg
DSC_3198 copy.jpg


Do you have a design dream in mind that you want to realize, and design the apartment you have always dreamed of? Feel free to contact us or leave details in the form and we will get back to you soon.

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