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What is the advantage of an interior designer who is also an architect?

A search phase with a suitable professional for home renovation can be a confusing and lengthy phase. 

The design for your dream home is discounted and it is only a renovation, can be done by two types of professionals - architect and interior designer. As in any field, before choosing a professional it is important to understand what the experience, seniority and training of the professional is. It is also advisable to ask to talk to past clients and hear from them what their experience of the work process is, professionally and personally together. Because the field is very visual, you can ask to visit houses that have been planned and designed by the architect or interior designer you are considering choosing to carry out the work.  And be intimately impressed by their work.

An architect is a person who has studied and completed 5 years of schooling  In the faculties of architecture only. Upon graduation he will be allowed to design a private home  And after three years of internship and examination he is entitled to design and construct without limitation the height and complexity of a structure. 

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If we go back to planning and renovating apartments and private homes, the professional in charge of planning your home must be proficient in all the different systems together, he must be creative, and know how to turn your desires from ideas into correct and feasible drawings.  We at Basalt Architects have a great advantage because we are proficient in the various building systems. As an architect our vision is broader and refers to all the elements that make up the house as a unit that works together. Walls, partitions, niches, carpentry and more. The variety of systems that make up the house are taken into account in the design. Electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning construction, lighting and more. 

If your renovation includes structural changes that require a building permit, such as changing facades, building additions and more. An architect will be chief to submit the permit application and allow the construction or alteration requested.

A good architect knows how to connect the various professionals and will ensure proper synchronization between the work plans, and will make sure that there is no conflict between all the systems of the house. He knew how to get you to the point where all the lines connect to something whole and right for you!

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